Cloth diapers basics LIST

Thinking on what you will need to start cloth diapering your kid can be challenging if you (as happened to me before) are completely new on it.

This is a simple LIST of what are you going to need based in the use of pocket diapers:

Must have List:

  • 24  poket diapers and 24 inserts
  • 1 diaper pail
  • 2 pail liners
  • 2 or more wet bags
  • Cloth diaper safe detergent

– 24 pocket diapers with 24 inserts.

When the baby is young you are going to use around 8-12 diapers per day (depending on the baby and based in a diaper change every 2 hours more or less (they poo after every feed at the beginning))

After 6 months your baby will be using less diapers a day, from 5 to 6 diapers, but maybe you have to use 2 inserts on each (we started using 2 inserts after 10 months) as the baby pee less times but more quantity.

24 diapers is a good number washing them every other day.

If your baby is a heavy wetter, maybe you will need around 36 diapers the first 2 months to wash them every other day.

Now we are trying to wash them every 3th day but with a quick rinse every night of the used diapers to avoid the ammonia built up.

If you want to use all in one diapers you will need the same number and if you are thinking on covers and inserts, same number of inserts and half in the covers.

– Diaper pail.

You will need a diaper pail to place the soiled diapers after use.

We use a diaper pail placed in the toilet that keeps the smell of the dirty diapers away from us. But I think that any pail with a lid that close properly can be good.

– 2 Diaper pail liners.

This is a big wet bag that you can place inside the pail and keep the wetness of the diapers inside. You will wash the liner with the diapers, so you will need 2. When one is in the washing machine you are using the other one.

– Wet bags.

When you are outside home you will need to place the soiled diapers somewhere away from the rest of the items in your bag, this is a wet bag. Keep the smell and the wetness inside so you can place it in your bag without any worry of spoil anything else in there. We have 4 or 5 at home.

– Cloth diaper safe detergent.

This is any detergent low on soap, without enzymes, essences / fragances, softeners, brighteners…

We use at home Happyganics, a Singapore brand that works perfect with cloth diapers  and now we intend to try a different one that I saw at Kiddys Palace but didn’t buy yet. There are lots of options and maybe near your home you have avalable other brands. If you, as us, find a Organic one, perfect!

1 kilogram of detergent last for months as you have to use only a little with the diapers, so think of that if you find the organic option a bit pricey.

I know lots of parents who use Tide, Dynamo or other regular detergents and promise that work as good as the diaper safe ones… I never tried that because I’m scared to spoil Aurora’s diapers doing it. Please write in the coments your experience with it if you want 💜.

That’s it! You don’t need anything else to use cloth diapers with your kid!

Now I will show you the accessories that are not needed but you:

Accessories list:

  • Diaper liners
  • Toilet spray
  • Cloth wipes

– Diaper liners.

These liners can be diaposable or reusable.

The disposables ones usually are flushable and are ment to keep the poo away from the diaper. Easy if you don’t want to deal with messy diapers.

Cloth liners are very useful when your baby need a diaper rash ointment and you don’t want to spoil the diaper. Usually are a piece of microfleece.

We have some at home and use them for this purpose.


Personally I don’t use disposable liners when we are in Singapore because of different reasons:

1. I don’t want to spend the money we don’t use in disposable diapers in disposable liners.

2. We have a toilet spray, so it is not complicated to get rid of the poo in the diaper. Only shake the diapers in the toilet and use the spray to rinse it.

3. I think it is more gentle in Aurora’s skin not to use these liners but directly the soft cloth of the diaper.

Recently we traveled to Spain and we used them as we don’t have the spray  in my in laws. I have to say that is easy but still I intend to use them only when travelling.

– Toilet spray.

This is a water spray instaled near the toilet that we use as bidet in Asia.

It is very useful to rinse the diapers and get rid of the pee and the poo before to place them in the pail.

We are lucky we live in Singapore  as here is very popular and you can find them in almost every toilet.

But if you are interested and you don’t live near here, don’t worry, there are online options to find them.

– Cloth wipes.

Disposable wipes sometimes are not the best option. For us was a tangle to find a wipe that was gentle on Aurora’s skin. We decided to use cloth wipes as are more gentle with Aurora’s skin. Our cloth wipes are old cotton T-shirts, though.

If you want to know more about how we use cloth wipes check the video in this post.

We use disposable wipes with the poo diapers because is easier for us.

This is all what you need to start the cloth diapering journey, as you see, nothing that is complicated to find, at least online.

Hope you like thos post,

If you have any questions let me know.

Best regards,


3 Replies to “Cloth diapers basics LIST”

  1. Cristina! Can you show us in a video how you put on the diapers and how you take off and “clean” a dirty one?
    I really wanna try this but am getting a bit confused about what the diaper- inserts – liners actually are compared to a disposable which is all in one.
    Thank you for this! It’s so useful

    1. Hi Ana!
      I plan to make this video around next week. I know seems a bit conplicated but you will see how easy it is.
      Thanks very much for your comment!

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