How to clean a cloth diaper

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In The last post, I showed you how to diaper change your baby and now I will  tell you what to do with the dirty cloth diaper after it.

Now I will show you in a video what I do with a poo diaper, but if you do not feel like watching a real poo diaper you can read the next instructions too.

How I clean a cloth diaper after diaper change my kid:

  1. I use a plastic container to move the soiled diapers from the changing station to the toilet.
  2. If it is a pee diaper i will place it directly in the diaper bin (I use a diaper pail bag inside the bin).
  3. If there is poo, I will shake and rinse the poo in the toilet. If you do not have a toilet spray, you can shake the poo in the toilet and rinse it in the basin. You also can consider to use a flushable liner  that makes very easy to place the poo in the toilet as the poo is kept in the liner(is what I do when we travel with cloth diapers).
  4. After rinse the diaper, I place it inside the diaper bin.
  5. Wash my hands is a must after cleaning the diaper.
  6. Every night I rinse and spin in the washing machine the diapers
  7. Every 3 days I wash the diapers with a full cycle and sun dry them.

In this video you will see what I do with a soiled Poo diaper:

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