BumGenius Original 4.0

BumGenius is one of the most iconic cloth diaper brands from USA.

BumGenius Original 4.0 is a microfiber one size pocket diaper. You can find them in Velcro or snaps. Aurora have them both and for now we prefer the Velcro ones.

This diaper comes with two microfiber inserts. One is shorter and very thin useful for the first 2 months and later as a booster) and the other one is quite big with 3 adjustable sizes and with more microfiber layers.

It is curious that this diaper only comes with two adjustable lines of snaps in the leg when usually cloth diapers have 3 lines of it (Small, medium, large and without being snapped extra large ).

They are very comfortable when Aurora use them, and she has never had a leak on them.

The elastic is a bit loose compared with other diapers. this fact make them comfortable but at the same time less durable I think.

The micro fleece in the shell´s pocket is soft and nice and keeps dry Aurora´s bottom.

Now that Aurora is 13 months old, starts bothering me the fitting in the leg. As one of the diapers (the snaps one) has a loose elastic, there is an open space between the diaper and the leg (now that we are using 2 inserts).

Still not leaking but it should fit better.

The Hook and Loop ones have better fitting and in our case the elastic is still good on them, so we have not problem with those.

The positive part of this loose elastic in BumGenius is that does not leave any mark in the leg.

The best part of this diapers is the design,  such a nice printing they have!

After 1 year of use, the inserts are still great with a very good absorbency, the PUL (the waterproof cover) still great and also the prints.

The things I like most:

  • The inserts are great. The small one works as a booster now that Aurora is older and need to inserts.
  • It is a big diaper and this is great for 90 percentile babies as mine is. Is one of the biggest we have.
  • The pocket is  pretty wide and this is great when you stuff the diapers after laundry, more now that we are using two inserts.
  • The prints, Albert is my favorite.

 The things I like less:

Basically, the elastic.

Is the only diaper I have with a loose elastic (this one and a Flip cover that have the same design).

It is only 2 ( one Flip and one Original 4.0) from a total of 8 diapers from this branch but yet, the only loose elastics that we have.

It is a pity because other that that is a great diaper, with a great absorbency.

Going to the point:

This is a big microfiber diaper, that I expect for the size to last until potty training. It has a big pocket that makes your life easier with good inserts. It has a elastic to improve.

If I need I will consider buy it again but I will try the Original 5.0, just in case the elastic is better in that version.

Thanks for read this first Diaper Review from Aurora´s Diapers!

If you have any question or comment please write it below, I will try to answer as soon as possible.

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