About me

Hi! Welcome to Aurora´s Diapers!

I am Cristina, Aurora´s mum and a lover of cloth diapers!

I am a Spanish Stay at Home Mum at the moment, living in Singapore with my husband Pedro and my almost 14 months toddler, Aurora.

Before getting pregnant I never heard about modern Cloth Diapers, basically I was not familiar about diapers at all, but for me, cloth diaper meant a huge cloth that you need to fold and put in a baby bottom with clips (I know now that this is a flat diaper), too complicate to consider it in my case.

But the day I knew I was pregnant, I was babysitting a little baby girl who was using stay dry inserts with Thirsties Covers and I was amused about it! So easy to use and so good for the environment! Yay!

I read a lot about cloth diapers in blogs and Facebook groups and it was a great help when we were new at home about it.

Now, after 13 months of using cloth diapers with Aurora, it is time to help other parents on this amazing world.

Hope you can enjoy this site,


Best Regards,